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DevOps is the solution for better serving your customers and competing more effectively in the market. It allows you to have better visualization of your infrastructure and production environment, assist the R&D deliver better and faster, and most importantly, we help developers focus on developing.

At Cloudbit, we help our customers quickly scale up while establishing comprehensive DevOps practice of self-service, implementation, and automation. Our professional team shoulders the burden for you and will take full responsibility for the existing technology stack. The DevOps service will help transform your service delivery process to target the effectiveness and quality of software versions with an easy troubleshooting process. The DevOps service can be implemented on private/public cloud, DevOps & CI/CD pipelines, Managed Services, and Migration to Cloud Infrastructure. All fields of business such as marketing, security, finance, medical and more can have DevOps services implemented for reliable and effective solutions.

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    We help developers focus on developing

    DevSecOps & SOC2

    While there are a lot of security measures that can be deployed to better protect data stored in the cloud, there is no specific guidance on how to achieve maximum security; increasing (and ever-changing) cyberattacks are partly to blame for this, too. We will help you get faster certifications, manage compliance audits easily, and build trust with your ideal customers.

    Cloud Migration & Cost Optimization

    Going cloud-native brings many benefits, particularly in relation to TCO. But it’s important to walk before you run. So, hone skills on simpler jobs before tackling more complex applications. There are many application architecture choices available for cloud-native software development, and making the wrong choice can be expensive.

    Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

    CI/CD are a must in the modern era of technology. Integrating CI and CD leads to faster builds and quicker deliveries unaltering the quality of software. We provide, design, and deploy customized service of CI/CD implementation, and CI/CD solutions with the right platforms suiting your needs.

    Kubernetes and Containers

    Kubernetes is difficult to get right, but you are in safe hands with us. We help you provision highly available clusters that support self-healing and scale up and down in line with demand, while integrating essential tools like Prometheus.
    We are here to share knowledge and best practices with you.



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    Cloudbit is not just an ordinary DevOps consulting company, but a highly reliable crew of experts that can provide quick solutions for your business.
    We engage in quality over quantity. We take care of the business requirements and tailor the best DevOps solutions to enhance the system’s ability. We work as a unit and always deliver the solutions that we promise.

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    I’m a leading hands-on DevOps Engineer, with 12 years of experience working in various fields such as AI, Cyber security, finance, cryptocurrency, marketing, and technology.
    In 2021 I established my own professional crew, made of experienced DevOps engineers who faced 90% of the type of issues you’re about to face or even facing these days. Today, Cloudbit functions as a well-oiled machine, and together, there is not a single DevOps wish we can’t fulfill.

    Natalie Penso
    Founder & CEO
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    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a methodology that consists of implementing cloud-based tools and DevOps best practices that automate, optimize, and monitor the entire Software Development life cycle. It is the conjunction of Development and Operations working together over the app infrastructure

    Why should I outsource DevOps?

    The fastest and easiest way to scale your business is by getting and paying for the services you need, on demand. Just like you don't store physical clusters in your office, but use the Cloud services, With cloudbit you instantly get what you need for your businees. Wheather it's a DevOps engineer or a DevOps crew ready to plug and play.
    Every business think it's special (and it is true in a way) though everyone faces the same problems. Our experience can save you time and pain. You can be sure we're always on track with the latest updates and can provide the best solution for your R&D needs.

    What are the DevOps best practices?

    The DevOps best practices are:
    1. Container Orchestration. The process of automating the management and coordination of containers-based microservice applications across multiple clusters.
    Infrastructure as Code. The process that automates the provisioning of infrastructure, which enables the development, deployment, and scalability of cloud applications with higher speed, less risk, and lower cost.
    2. CI/CD. The processes of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery allow the development team to deliver code changes more frequently and in a more reliable way.
    3. Serverless. It is a cloud-native development model that allows developers to build and run applications and services without having to manage servers.

    What is DevOps as a service?

    DevOps as a service is a set of practices, tools, and cultural philosophies with the aim of delivering applications faster and better, through the usage of cutting-edge technology in the cloud.

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